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New Direction; New Challenges: Our New Art Director Looks Forward.

It is a challenge to find talent in our area. It just is. But it is even more challenging to provide a place where talent can grow into the next leader in your agency. Focusing on building creative excellence and watching it grow at Stand And Stretch has been something I have begun to revel in. […] Read more

3 Tips to Happy Employees in a Small Office

After the honeymoon period is over and after that new hire smell has worn off the real job starts. Getting great work from an employee and making that experience enjoyable is easier than you think. This can become a challenge when work picks up, deadlines are coming due and client work takes precedence. Through all of […] Read more

Jan, 07, 2016


What is your ‘Quality Score’? Three Keys to Understanding your Website’s SEO.

In today’s marketplace, your service and product is being indexed, or monitored, by the mainstream search engines every second. And as creepy as this sounds…it’s a good thing. Since you decided to put your business online, you have submitted your investment to be graded on many levels according to many standards. Your business may be […] Read more

Jan, 05, 2016


Display Advertising – The Secret Weapon of Advertising

  Have you been on Facebook lately and noticed an attention-grabbing advertisement next to your newsfeed? This, ladies and gentlemen, would be display advertising. Lets just jump right into this as I explain what display advertising is. In a nutshell, it’s an online billboard that uses texts, photos, and video to catch a future consumer’s […] Read more

Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress? Why Open Source is (still) the Future

So you want to build a website and you don’t know how to code. Three of the biggest options out there are Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress. Which should you choose? Some of the most important criteria are the flexibility of the platforms (how much choice you have in design and service), SEO, customer support, intuitiveness, and […] Read more

Jul, 13, 2015


Why Your Website Is Not Enough Anymore.

There.  I said it. Your website is beautiful. It’s got that ‘wow’ factor and you spent the dough to make it come to life in the vision of your company. There is only one problem…you are the only one visiting it. Like many of our past clients and businesses alike, just having an amazing website is […] Read more

Civic Innovation in San Francisco

From Georgia to California, civic innovation starts with the activist. The person in the group who has a little less fear than the next and willing to step out into the unknown because the grass on the other side needs to be watered, too. I guess I ended up being the activist, or hacktivist, in […] Read more

Conductor Rolls Out Exciting New Features for 2015

As marketers, we are always listening to our customers, and Conductor is constantly listening as well. With the undeniable rise in organic search, Conductor Searchlight, has become even more robust with new features including: Content Mapping Search Experience Tracking Channel Insights for YouTube Content Mapping Understanding your customer personas and how they advance through the […] Read more

Oct, 29, 2014


Conductor’s C3 SEO Conference, New York, NY – Getting Conductor Searchlight Certified and So Much More!

Finding the Organic in a Sea of Synthetic As I walked into Conductor’s C3 conference, I was overcome with electricity. The green neon lights illuminated the walk way and guided me into a larger room filled with bright white sofas, bean bag chairs and an innovation center complete with Apple desktops at the center of […] Read more

Oct, 24, 2014



Leading your Business into 2014 with a Bullhorn or a Comfy Couch

Since 2010, I believe I have heard it all when talking about online marketing. Some businesses try to lead the market by being the loudest in the room while others drive home casual indulgence. You may already know I am always leaning on the latter…with flip flops on. Challenges await everyone in this new year. […] Read more

Jan, 25, 2014


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