Web Design

Web Design Columbus Ga - Stand And Stretch

Many companies often look inside to find their teams strengths, and this is ours.  Over 11 years of web design and development experience allows us to adapt your business solutions to the web with convenience and  ease.  We utilize content management software suites and custom projects to suit the needs and, most importantly, the budgets of small businesses.

Award-winning design is coupled with cost effective solutions.

It’s our point to build interactive and fun websites that integrate your social media activity. We see it all the time. Websites are disconnected from social networking and they are ghost towns with outdated billboards of years old content.  We always say that ‘content is king’, and we live by it.  Check out our blog.

Our primary software of choice is WordPress.org.

WordPress presents a great framework that can cut your cost in half. Traditional web development models are inflated with customized static pages that require expert level developers to edit and change content.  This model is broken. We are thriving by building websites that are dynamic and easy to use.  Along with each site launch, we also bring in our clients and train them how to blog and make changes themselves.

We are a vibrant difference to our clients from their past experiences.  The amount of care we devote to their online health is apparent.